Victor Gavronschi

CEO @ Loopaa Marcom

General Manager and Founder of Loopaa Marketing Agency. If there’s anything to be said about Victor, is that his ambition to accomplish great things is only surpassed by his strong passion for marketing. His marketing experience has started early, during University, followed by a series of steps, from a part-time employee, as Marketing Assistant, to Marketing Manager of Inter Cars, a multinational automotive spare parts distributor and finally, to being the General Manager of one of the most dynamic marketing agencies in Romania: Loopaa.

Victor: “Overlooking all these years during which I’ve worked in marketing, the thing that I’m grateful for is that I’ve had the chance to put myself in different situations: whether I’ve worked with agencies or being the marketing partner of other companies, I’ve experienced a wide range of feeling, from frustration to real self-accomplishment. And this is helping me to relate to our current business partners in order to get the best solutions for their problems.”